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The website for an IT and computer expert witness is at www.dilloway.co.uk ...

Qualified Dispute Resolver

Cliff Dilloway is experienced with computer matters, accountancy, finance, intellectual property including copyright and the Internet as well as business management generally.

All forms of dispute resolution services are described and explained on Cliff Dilloway's site including arbitration, mediation, and expert determination by a businessman who is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Management Accountant, an Arbitrator and a CEDR Accredited Mediator.  Follow the links for the services required. 

The site has information to download that may be of assistance in helping to decide which of the many possible methods might be the best choice to resolve a legal dispute.

Internet Self Regulation

Follow the links for a description of a complete dispute resolution process that would be run, operated and controlled by the Internet Community.

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